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2018 Nissan Titan or Toyota Tundra?

The 2018 Nissan Titan ant the 2018 Toyota Tundra may look similar at first glance. On the surface, they both seem equally durable and dependable. So, if someone is in the market for a new truck, it may be hard for them to decide which truck would better fit their needs. While it is true that each truck's exterior may look similar to each other, each truck has its own attributes that it brings to the table that a buyer may find useful.

Here is a comprehensive comparison of the Nissan Titan and the Toyota Titan to better illustrate the differences between these two trucks.


Although the full-size trucks do have similarities, there are also some subtle differences to the exterior of these two trucks. For instance, the Nissan Titan is outlined in smooth curves, giving it a more sleek and elegant look, whereas the Toyota Tundra has a more undefined roundness to it, making it look bulkier than the Titan.

Another significant difference that buyers will recognize at first glance is the fact that the Nissan Titan comes in two sizes: a single cab and a crew cab. This allows the buyer to choose between a larger cab area or a larger truck bed surface.

For the 2018 model, Toyota has decided to do away with their single cab option, which leaves the consumer with only one choice, and no larger truck bed option available.


When designing the interior of the Nissan Titan, comfort was obviously a top priority. The 2018 Titan has front and back zero-gravity seats, inspired by NASA, that come standard in all Titans. The zero-gravity feature offers maximum comfort that is perfect for long road trips. For even more comfort, memory foam driver's seat, and heated and cooled front and rear seats are options that are available on some trim levels.

In comparison, the Tundra's plastic seats feel stiff and unforgiving. However, just like the Titan, the Tundra does offer trim levels that have an option for front seat heating and cooling. Unfortunately, that option is not offered to back seat passengers.

Power and Towing

When it comes to payload and towing, the Nissan Titan and the Toyota Tundra are just about even. The Tundra has 4,535kg (10,00 lbs) of towing capacity, and the Titan's towing compacity is just below that at 4,182kg (9,220lbs).

However, when it comes to fuel efficiency, The Nissan Titan has a slight lead over the Tundra. Under the hood of the new Titan sets a 360 horsepower V8 engine with a 7-speed automatic transmission. The estimated fuel economy for the Titan is 15L/100km in the city and 11.2L/100km on the highway.

The Tundra comes standard with a 381 horsepower V8 engine and 6-speed transmission. However, its estimated fuel economy is only 17.7L/100km on the highway and 13.6L/100km in the city.

2018 Nissan Titan in Calgary, Alberta

The Nissan Titan beats out the Tundra in looks, comfort, and fuel efficiency, which is why it comes as no surprise that the 2018 Titan is one of the most sought-after trucks in the Calgary area.

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