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The future in automobiles is finally here. The 2019 Nissan Leaf is an all-electric car that has more power and endurance than any all-electric vehicle before it. In order to compete with this powerful and stunning vehicle, Chevy has introduced the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt. Both of these cars have admirable qualities. However, one of them has more advanced features that allow it to stand out among the rest.

When it comes to style, the 2019 Nissan Leaf is impressive at first glance. The narrow-tipped nose is outlined in soft, sleek curves that elegantly make there way back to the rear of the car, giving it a more aerodynamic look. Being the number one selling electric car in Canada, the Leaf stands proudly in a class of its own. However, this year Chevy has gone to great lengths to try and make a worthy competitor of the 2019 Leaf.

Here is a comparison of the 2019 Nissan Leaf and the 2019 Chevy Bolt, so that you can see for yourself just how these two rivals stack up against each other.

Innovative Interior 

The Leaf's interior is spacious and roomy, giving plenty of legroom and head space for all occupants of the vehicle. The trunk of the vehicle is large enough to haul all of your groceries or any other cargo that you may have. If you need more cargo space, the back seats fold down in a 60/40 split or can both be folded down flat to make enough room to put an adult-sized bicycle in the back.

The Leaf is also equipped with a fully customizable cockpit that allows you to effortlessly look at vital information about the car with just a quick glance. It even has an available navigation system that is able to be displayed just past the steering wheel, making it more convenient to get directions while you are driving down the road.

The seats are able to also fold down flat in the Chevy Bolt, however, some passengers have reported feeling a bit cramped in the backseat when the seats are up.

Power and Handling

The Leaf's powerful battery is able to take its drivers on a 243-kilometre adventure on a single charge. To make the ride more fun and efficient driving experience, the Leaf also comes equipped with an innovative E-Pedal which allows its drivers to accelerate by pushing on the pedal and slow down by taking their foot off the pedal. The battery pack on the Leaf is mounted to the floor. This gives the electric vehicle a better centre of gravity and helps it handle high speeds and sharp curves with better accuracy.

2019 Nissan Leaf and 2019 Chevy Bolt Comparison

2019 Nissan Leaf 2019 Chevy Bolt
 Height-Adjustable Seat belts  Standard  N/A
 Whiplash Protection System  Active Head Restraints  N/A
 Driver Alert Monitor  Standard  N/A
 Review Camera  Standard  Standard
 Front Rotor Size  11.1"  10.9"
 Back Rotor Size  11.5"  10.4"


2019 Nissan Leaf in Calgary

The 2019 Nissan Leaf is a truly innovative electric vehicle that combines futuristic amenities with modern style and comfort. If you have any questions about the new Leaf, please feel free to contact us today.