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2022 Nissan Kicks Features and Specs

There’s a new engine that powers the 2022 Nissan Kicks. It has a V6 gasoline engine with 256 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque. It also has intelligent brake by wire technology and uses magnesium wheels, which can only be made up of 90% magnesium without reducing fuel efficiency, or making the vehicle heavier overall. There are three different drive modes. Normal mode is the default setting, and it starts the engine automatically by using GPS location, but only when it’s in use. Eco mode will start the engine later and spend more time idling to save fuel. Sport mode will start the engine immediately, but only when needed.


The front end has a simple rectangular shape with three slats on the bottom to make the car look more aerodynamic. The front grille has five vertical chrome slats for maximum airflow to the radiator, which is important for your engine, and it’s also one of Nissan’s trademarks.

The headlights get a new design. They’ve become wider but less tall and point towards the sky. They’re still projector-style lights with an inner circle of LEDs and an outer ring of light bulbs, and this design has been around since at least 2022, so it’s likely that this design will still exist 22 years from now.


Nissan Kicks already offers a 6.6-inch touchscreen infotainment system with a built-in camera, audio, and navigation. The interior is basic, with the same space as some sedans. There are buttons for easy access to the hood release, power windows, multi-zone climate control, and Bluetooth connectivity with all of the latest phones. The seats are comfortable, but if you need more space, there’s a 30% larger rear seat for three people, but it doesn’t have any cup holders or storage space like some luxury cars.


In 2022 there’ll be an adjustable steering column that lets drivers of different sizes adjust the direction of their steering wheel to fit them better. Electric power steering has been improved with the new engine, and there’s a longer turning radius. The drive system has also been updated with more precise movements and more precise detection of road conditions. Still, it should be noted that there are other systems like lane departure warning that are better than what this system offers, so sometimes there’s a downside to having a more advanced system.

The brakes have been improved with new brake cylinders and more powerful pistons. The pedals have also gotten smaller, so they fit for most people’s feet, though not small enough for someone with very large feet.

Trims and Prices

There are four trim levels: XE, SE, SLE, and SL. It’s estimated that the 2022 Nissan Kicks in Calgary, AB, will cost between $18,000 and $22,500. The Kicks is the first car scheduled to use highly-advanced Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians (VSP), which produces a non-distracting sound designed to alert pedestrians and visually impaired people when moving in their vicinity.

The technology was first introduced in the Infiniti Q50 in 2014. Nissan plans to install it on all new vehicles from 2018. The system measures vehicle speed and adjusts the volume of a speaker accordingly. Infiniti plans on equipping its entire lineup with VSP.