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Is the 2024 Nissan Kicks Safe Enough for You? Find Out Here!

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Introducing the 2024 Nissan Kicks, a compact SUV with a sleek design, advanced technology, and top-notch safety features. Its safety technology excels in urban environments. The Kicks combines style and functionality to provide a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Nissan Safety Shield 360

Automatic Intelligent Braking

The 2024 Nissan Kicks safety kit comes with Intelligent Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection. This system monitors your speed and the distance to the car ahead. If needed, it warns you to slow down. If the system detects a collision will occur, it can automatically brake to prevent or lessen the impact. It can even stop your car if it detects a pedestrian in your path. 

Another safety feature is the standard rear automatic brake. It watches for large objects behind you while you're backing up. It can automatically brake to prevent a collision or lessen the impact if it detects something. 

Always Know Your Surroundings 

The latest Kicks has you covered with its Blind Spot Warning feature. It monitors for vehicles hiding in your blind spot. Attempting to change lanes while another vehicle is there will alert you to the hidden danger. Thus helping you stay safe and avoid potential accidents. 

Alert monitors behind your vehicle and alerts you when cars approach from either side. This helps you avoid near misses in crowded parking lots and busy streets. These driving assistance features promote confidence on the road. 

Stay in Your Lane

Stay in Your Lane

Stay steady on the road with the 2024 Nissan. Lane Departure Warning helps ensure you stay in your lane. If it senses you drifting over to the other lane, a gentle buzz on the steering wheel reminds you to straighten out.

Light Control

With the latest model, light control is effortless. The system can automatically deactivate the high beams if it detects an oncoming vehicle, which other drivers will surely appreciate. Once they've passed, the system can reactivate your high beams, ensuring optimal visibility without dazzling other drivers.

Always Have a Co-Pilot

Camera Assistance

Camera Assistance

Parking becomes effortless in the 2024 Nissan Kicks. Thanks to the available class-exclusive Intelligent Around View Monitor, you get a composite 360° bird’s-eye view of your Kicks, making every parking maneuver simple. With this advanced camera assistance, you can confidently pull into any space, ensuring your vehicle and rims remain undamaged while navigating tight spots.

Control Your Speed With Ease

The 2024 Nissan Kicks offers an enhanced driving experience with available Intelligent Cruise Control. By using a radar sensor in the front grille, this feature keeps you at a set distance from the vehicle ahead by automatically adjusting the brakes and accelerator when necessary. Whether you're manoeuvring through traffic or speeding along the highway. Intelligent Cruise Control helps maintain a safe distance, providing convenience and peace of mind during your journey.

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The new Nissan Kicks comes with safety in mind. From advanced features like automatic braking to convenient aids like blind spot warnings, it ensures a secure driving experience. Make your reservation at the Royal Oak Nissan dealership in Calgary, Alberta, right now!  

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