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2013 Nissan Quest Review

2013 Nissan Quest Review

Take on any Quest in the 2013 Nissan Quest

We are all heroes to our families. Be your kids’ hero by getting them to every hockey practise, taking them camping and playing “I Spy” with the 2013 Nissan Quest. Life is a little more exciting when you have a quest to enjoy.

The designs of the 2013 Nissan Quest are athletic and modern. It has an equipped cabin with permanent rear cargo area for a place to put whatever you like. It has a bold outer appearance which will have people wishing they were riding in your minivan or driving it.

The performance of the 2013 Nissan Quest is something to be proud of. It comes equipped with a continuously variable valve timing control system with variable valve event and lift to intake valves.

2013 Engine:

  • 3.5L DOHC V6: 260 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque

The 2013 Nissan Quest is SmartMoney’s #1 Recommended Vehicle for Family Haulers. This means you are getting a lot of features for a low price point. Now, that is music to the ears.

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