Nissan 370Z: Racing-Style Coupe

At first glance, you might think that the Nissan 370Z belongs on a racetrack rather than the highway. Imported from Japan by Royal Oak Nissan, this powerful coupe runs on a 3.7 L engine block that has a classic V6 configuration. If you're looking for the best features on the lineup, test drive the exclusive Nismo model that takes strong inspirations from racing cars.

The Nissan 370Z offers a manual transmission system that teams up with a rear-wheel drive. You can manipulate the EXEDY clutch to change gear ratios on demand. A driveshaft with carbon fiber composition is another component that contributes to swift and agile handling. This sporty Nissan roadster may be fitted with high-performance tires by Yokohama, Bridgestone, and Dunlop. The most advanced rear tires that are recommended for this car measure 19 inches in diameter. A rear spoiler and front chin deflector are some other optional features that boost performance.

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