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Common Reasons to Replace Your Tires

Common Reasons to Replace Your Tires

Because your tires are vital to your safety as well as your comfort on the road, it’s important to know when they need to be replaced. Unfortunately, there are some car owners in Calgary that are unknowingly driving their vehicle with unsafe tires. But you can avoid that from happening to you!

There are common reasons to replace your tires:

• Noticeable cracks in the sidewall.
• Nails, screws, or any foreign object in the tire, particularly near the sidewall.
• Uneven treadwear more commonly on the outer edges.
• Tread that has been reduced to 2/32 of an inch.
• Bulges or bubbles that appear on the sidewall.
• Repeated need to add more air pressure.

These are just a few common reasons; however, our service professionals can give your tires a thorough inspection. Be sure to schedule an appointment with Royal Oak Nissan when considering whether to have your tires replaced! Call us soon!

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