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Discover Free Charging for Your Nissan LEAF

Discover Free Charging for Your Nissan LEAF

Coming over to our Calgary, AB Nissan dealership and finding one of the most globally popular electric vehicles on the market is just the start. But when you get a great summer deal like this for free charging in your new 2015 Nissan LEAF, you can drive cleaner and cheaper. Learn more by clicking through to the link included here, then head over to our Nissan dealership today to explore our lineup of LEAF models.



While this program is starting off in Quebec, we're confident it will make its way across the country over to Alberta so you can take advantage of free charging for your LEAF. Keep in touch with us and find out the latest news about all Nissan Canada models and programs so you can drive in a cleaner, more-efficient way.

Test drive the new LEAF here at Royal Oak Nissan today and learn more about this great program.

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