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Drive With a Clear View Using Winter Wiper Blades

Drive With a Clear View Using Winter Wiper Blades

Driving with regular wiper blades when rain is fierce takes effort. This is especially true when you are using smaller blades, too fragile to handle heavy rains. Night driving is worse with poorly equipped wiper blades. Ice and snow creates an additional hazard for drivers. However, when having your car checked at Royal Oak Nissan, ask techs to install winter wiper blades. They can be put on in a snap.

Why use winter wiper blades?

  • The frames are stronger
  • The material is thicker
  • Blades are built to let water escape
  • Stops water retention that blurs visibility

There is no reason to drive around Calgary, AB with inadequate wiper blades. It is frustrating when essential car parts do not operate efficiently. During winter weather, wiper blades become extremely important. Fog, ice, and snow make it difficult to see the road. Wiper blades not up to the job create hazardous driving conditions for the most experienced drivers. Don’t let that driver be you.  


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