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Federal and Provincial Electric Vehicle Incentive and Rebate Programs

Federal and Provincial Electric Vehicle Incentive and Rebate Programs

With electric cars taking over in popularity, it's essential for Federal and Provincial authorities to promote these vehicles. By making driving these cars more accessible, it will increase the number of people wanting to get one. The more electric vehicles on the road, the fewer pollutants there are in the air. There are some key ways that the Federal authorities in Alberta are working to put more electric vehicles on the road. Let's take a look at what incentives are in place to encourage EV ownership and how you can purchase one.


One important component of driving an electric vehicle is charging it. Some people might think this will be a hassle to deal with, so authorities thought it was important to address this head-on.


The City of Calgary has tackled the charging issue by placing charging stations conveniently throughout the area. Not only is Alberta filled with plenty of charging stations, but all of Canada also has over 140,000 stations. Whether you want to stay close to home or travel the countryside, you will be able to easily find a place to recharge.


Another positive step towards Canada converting to more electric vehicles is the incentives put in place by the government to purchase one. In May of 2019, the Government of Canada created two incentives for individuals who purchase a zero-emissions vehicle. These incentives are as follows:


• People who purchase battery-electric, hydrogen fuel cell, and longer-range plug-in hybrid vehicles are eligible to receive a $5,000 incentive.
• People who purchase a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle are eligible for an incentive of $2,500.


These EV rebates will ensure that more people have an incentive for purchasing an electric vehicle.
These aren't the only incentives to purchase a brand-new EV. Some incentives are built right into the car itself. For example, electric vehicles are reasonably priced when compared to gasoline vehicles.


Another benefit of driving an EV is you will have much less maintenance to do on the car. No more oil changes, no more changing spark plugs, no more stopping to get gas -- or paying for gas. The savings in maintenance makes the electric vehicle a real winning ride to own.


As the word gets out about the value of driving an EV, plus the many incentives that come with purchasing one, more and more people will convert to all-electric. This helps reduce the carbon footprint.


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