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Holiday Shopping Parking Tips

Holiday Shopping Parking Tips

Parking in a crowded mall can be a nightmare during the holiday season. It can put you in a bad mood that carries over into the rest of your day. Don't let that happen to you when following a few tips can make this experience much more tolerable.

Have the Right Attitude

You can't control how others act or what they say, but you can control your own reaction and avoid confrontation or other problems. Keep your cool even when you are feeling frustrated because you can’t find an open parking space. Don't get in a hurry or try to push your way through the crowded lot. Instead, be courteous and follow the same road etiquette that you would in other situations.

Watch out for pedestrians, especially kids who can run out in oncoming traffic. Don't blare your horn or drive too closely to the vehicle in front of you. Always drive defensively even in a parking lot at slow speed.

Look for Alternative Spaces

While parking in front of the main entrance is the popular choice, you may have fewer cars to challenge you for the side entrance. Consider parking by a light pole. Not only can it protect your car from being hit by an inattentive driver, it provides better security for shopping after dark.

Be safe this holiday season and pay attention even when you are just driving in a parking lot. Royal Oak Nissan wants to wish you and your family a happy holiday and prosperous New Year.

Jason Bender
Dealer Principal
Royal Oak Nissan

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