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Hop into the New Nissan Kicks

Hop into the New Nissan Kicks

Nissan is among the most well respected and well-loved Japanese automakers. While other Japanese brands are famous for reliability and economy, Nissan is a dynamite manufacturer of high-performance vehicles, and that ethos has filtered down to its family-oriented cars as well. In Calgary, AB the Nissan Kicks is the perfect car to get around. That's why we at Royal Oak Nissan are so proud to have a great selection of Nissan Kicks vehicles.

The Nissan Kicks is a sedan/crossover style vehicle meant to get you around in style, while not breaking the bank. Similar to other subcompact cars in the line, the Kicks maintains a phenomenal gas mileage, around 22mpg, while still being able to move a ton of car and people around. The compact size of the vehicle makes it excellent for city driving, and the ability to fit into parking spots that would be too small for a bigger car is another great plus.

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