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How to Get Your Nissan Ready for Winter in Calgary

How to Get Your Nissan Ready for Winter in Calgary


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Now that winter is quickly approaching, it's time to think about how to get your Nissan ready in Calgary. Will you be ready for the snowy roads? Here are a few things we here at Royal Oak Nissan suggest:

  • Battery test: The extreme cold can kill a weak battery. Have your battery tested to make sure it's strong enough for the new season, and replace it if needed.
  • Oil change: Likewise, cold temperatures can exacerbate already existent engine problems. Be sure to take care of your engine with an oil and filter change, which will clean out dirt and debris and help it run more efficiently.
  • Coolant: Coolant not only regulates the temperature of your engine, but it also provides you and your passengers with heat inside the cabin of your vehicle. Regularly monitor the level of fluid in your coolant reservoir throughout the winter, and top it off as needed.

Need help getting your Nissan ready for the coldest months of the year? Bring your vehicle into our Service Centre by scheduling an appointment online.

Looking for more ways to prepare your Nissan for the winter season? Come back to the Royal Oak Nissan blog for more tips next week!

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