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Nissan Cargo Vans Explained

Nissan Cargo Vans Explained

Many situations arise where a regular sedan, SUV, minivan, or truck just doesn't offer the space, configuration, or features that you need for your family or your business. For that reason, Nissan offers six commercial vehicles--three vans and three trucks--to get the job done. The three Nissan cargo vans are built tough to carry your family or your business on its next big adventure.


What are Nissan Passenger Van Features?


2020 Nissan NV Passenger


The first Nissan NV van is the NV Passenger. With 324 seating configurations, the Nissan NV can carry up to 12 passengers safely and securely.  The NV Passenger comes in two models. The NV Passenger HD SV starts at $46,898 and is available in a V6 or V8 engine. The NV Passenger HD SL starts at $51,398 and builds upon the specifications of the SV. The SL model comes standard with a 375 horsepower, 5.6-litre V8 engine to provide the get-up-and-go that you need to carry your most precious cargo down the highway. In addition, you will be driving in luxury with leather seats, including heated front seats, and dual-zone air conditioning. Both models can handle payloads around 1143 kg and tow up to 3946 kg with a tow hitch receiver (up to 907 kg with standard bumper towing). The Nissan NV Passenger van is also designed for comfort with individual backrests and headrests for every passenger, slide-out cupholders under the seat in every row, and outlets in the centre aisle, console, and rear for charging electronics.


What's Nissan's NV200 Compact Cargo Van Price and Features?


2020 Nissan NV200 Compact


The second Nissan NV van is the NV200 Compact Cargo Van. Small but mighty, the Nissan NV200 can carry your business into bigger cities with tighter spaces. Even though it has a smaller exterior footprint, it still provides big interior space and bigger opportunities for your business. The Nissan NV200 comes in two model versions. The first is the NV200 Compact Cargo Van S, which starts at $26,698. It features a 2.0-litre DOHC 4-cylinder engine, Xtronic CVT (continuously variable transmission), six exterior roof rack-mounting points, and 180-degree maximum opening range for the rear cargo doors. The NV200 Compact Cargo Van SV starts slightly higher at $27,698 but includes more premium items, such as power heated outside mirrors, remote keyless entry, a rear sonar system, and two 12-volt DC power outlets in the center console. With 20 cargo integrated reinforced mounting points coming standard, the NV200 is a fully upfittable, well-equipped, compact cargo van that is a great value for the money, has the lowest cost of ownership among competitors, and leads the class in fuel economy with 9.3L/100km combined. The NV200 can carry 3474 L of cargo in its interior.


Nissan NV Cargo Van Price and Features?


2020 Nissan NV Cargo


The final Nissan cargo van is the Nissan NV Cargo. Designed for the way you do business, the NV Cargo offers three models with varying amounts of cargo space, towing capabilities, and payloads. The interior of the vans can also be customized for the way you work--they feature up to 57 interior integrated and reinforced cargo mounting points, so you can hang racks and cargo containment systems securely and exactly the way you want them. The interior also features 120V power outlets in the centre console and by the rear door to provide up to 400W of electricity, as well as three cargo lights to make it easy to see and a flat wall design for easy shelf installation. On the exterior, the roof includes up to 10 integrated mounting points for exterior ladder rack installation.


The NV Cargo van offers three different options. The NV1500 Cargo Van starts at $35,998, has a flat roof, uses a V6 4.0-litre engine with 261 horsepower, and offers up to 6629 L of cargo space. It only comes in an S series model. The NV2500 HD Cargo Van starts at $37,398 for a standard roof or $40,198 for a high roof. The NV2500 uses either a V6 4.0-litre (261 hp) or V8 5.6-litre engine (375 hp), offers up to 9149 L of cargo space, and comes in two models: the S series and SV series. The NV3500 HD Cargo Van starts at $41,498 for a standard roof or $44,098 for a high roof. It uses a V8 5.6-litre engine with 375 horsepower, offers up to 9149 L of cargo space, and comes in two models: the S series and the SV series. The Nissan NV Cargo Van is loaded with possibilities and the equipment necessary to get your job done. The V6 engine models can tow up to 3130 kg while the V8 models can tow up to 4264 kg.


Durable and Reliable


The one thing that the NV Passenger, NV Cargo, and NV200 all have in common is the backing of one of the most reliable vehicle manufacturers. On all three models, Nissan offers a 5-year/160,000-km bumper-to-bumper limited warranty. This is Canada's best commercial van warranty and provides you some peace of mind for protecting one of your family's or business's biggest investments. In addition, Nissan highlights the number of quality and durability tests done and the number of kilometres of reliability road testing completed on each model to show their commitment to offering the best passenger and cargo vans in the class. The NV Passenger and NV Cargo were subjected to 7,000 quality and durability tests and 1,280,000 km of reliability road testing. The NV200 was subjected to 6,600 quality and durability tests and 852,000 km of reliability road testing.


To choose the right Nissan NV van in Calgary, you simply need to focus on what you want out of a van. The NV Passenger HD SV and NV Passenger HD SL offer style and class while carrying up to 12 people in hundreds of configurations. The NV1500 S, NV2500 HD S, NV2500 HD SV, NV3500 HD S, and NV3500 SV are all large cargo vans that can be customized to your business's needs. The NV200 S and NV200 SV are compact cargo vans that are a great starting point for any business or perfect for slipping into tight spaces when the job requires it. Grow your business and your future with a Nissan cargo van.


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