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Nissan Frontier Truck: Ready to Survive

Nissan Frontier Truck: Ready to Survive

One of the most versatile pickup trucks ever made by Nissan, the Frontier offers the ultimate utility for drivers. Stop at Royal Oak Nissan and review the technical specifications of the Crew Cab and King Cab models. Some of the premium trims in the inventory include the Desert Runner and PRO-4X.

This imported pickup truck rolls on a 4WD system that's available with full-time and part-time operations. When fully locked, the rear differential significantly decreases the risk of slipping in the wheels. Power is equally distributed in the axles when this function comes on.

The Frontier pickup truck has the Active Brake Limited Slip that applies the appropriate braking force on a wheel that loses traction with the ground. This function usually comes on when the vehicle temporarily jumps off a trail that's uneven and rough. Additionally, a multi-leaf rear suspension with a solid axle contributes to dependable off-road handling.



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