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A Close Look at Nissan's Advanced Safety Features!

A Close Look at Nissan's Advanced Safety Features!

Safety is one of the most crucial elements when purchasing a car. When it comes to Nissan, there’s always the reliability of the advanced elements designed to keep you safe. If you want to know more about the Nissan safety features, here are all the details.


Nissan Safety Shield 360


All models now have the Nissan Safety Shield with complete 360-degree protection. The features of the Safety Shield include automatic emergency braking with a pedestrian detection monitor. If a pedestrian comes too close to the driver, it will apply brakes to avoid a collision. Both these work seamlessly when parking.


You also get a blind spot warning, which ensures you’re safe to switch lanes. The package also comes with a lane-departure warning to prevent unintentional drift, and you also get high beam assist, which automatically lowers the high beam to make it easy for oncoming traffic.


Nissan ProPILOT Assist


Long-distance driving might be fun when you do it once a month, but regular long-distance driving can take a toll on you. That’s where the ProPILOT comes in handy. Semi-autonomous driving works with adaptive cruise control and lane-centering technology, so your car can maneuver continuously without you doing much. In addition, the system has map data, junctions, tight turns, and more to keep you safe. 


Nissan Intelligent Mobility Safety Features


Nissan cars also come with an optional Intelligent Mobility Safety feature, which can enhance your safety. If you don't, the intelligence features take control of the existing safety features and put them into action.


Intelligent Forward-Collision Warning - It monitors two cars ahead of you and analyzes the distance and speed to warn you if you need to slow down. 


Intelligent Lane Intervention - This works with lane departure warning to ensure you stay in the lane. 


Intelligent Back-up Intervention - This prevents rear-end collisions. 


Intelligent Blind-spot Intervention - This prompts you to change lanes.


Nissan Advanced Safety Technologies


Nissan’s advanced safety technology is designed to provide all-around protection. For example, Nissan is one of the few car makers that offer dual supplemental front airbags with a seatbelt sensor. It also has a roof-mounted curtain-side supplemental airbag, which maximizes head protection.


Zone body construction absorbs the shock of an impact and protects the passengers. A tire pressure monitoring system checks the air pressure in all tires and indicates when you need to refill them. You also get the Nissan anti-lock braking system which locks brakes and prevents them from skidding forward. Vehicle dynamic control monitors the brake and steering and monitors the engine output. Finally, the traction control system provides a better grip on slippery roads.


Child Safety Features


LATCH and snug kids are the child safety features Nissan incorporates in all cars. LATCH stands for Lower Anchor and Tethers for Children. This means that the minute your child sits, the seatbelt locks without using the locking clip. The snug kid is a child safety seat fit program.


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Now that you know more about Nissan car safety, there’s no longer reason to wait. So pick your favorite model and reserve it in Calgary with us today.

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