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Nissan's Contribution in Future of Electric Vehicles in Canada!

Nissan's Contribution in Future of Electric Vehicles in Canada!

Several years ago, the concept of an electric vehicle seemed far off, but it's now a reality as Canadian regulations aim to increase EV sales nationwide. Thankfully, the Nissan EV lineup continues to grow, with hybrids becoming an increasing standard among the automaker's lineup. 


The Future of EVs in Canada


Canadian regulations will require 20% or more of the vehicles sold within the country to be zero-emission. This regulation takes place in 2026, a year that's fast approaching. By 2030, the regulation will increase to at least 60% of all vehicles sold and all vehicles sold by 2035. 


Among the zero-emission options are plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles. The regulations emphasize the significance of lessened fuel consumption. The regulations also highlight Canada's green electrification process and future emission targets.


Nissan Ambition 2030


In November 2021, Nissan unveiled the Nissan Ambition 2030. This vision became the new goal for empowering mobility and transportation. Nissan aimed to become a cleaner company that responds to environmental needs through this change. With several years already passed, we're starting to see their devotion to this goal with the Nissan EV lineup.


Electric Vehicle Ecosystem


Along with the plans to make EVs more useful, the Nissan EV commitment introduces new ways to use the EV battery. Under the Nissan Energy plan, owners of Nissan electric vehicles in Canada can connect their cars to energy systems. These systems can charge the vehicle, power your house, or feed energy back to the grid.


Programs for this project have already begun in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. Vehicles explicitly targeted for this project include the Nissan Leaf, a global best-selling electric car.


Why Drive Nissan's EVs?


Looking at the future of EVs in Canada, mentioning the many benefits of an electric vehicle is essential. One of the most noticeable perks of an electric car is the reduced cost of fuel. Fuel economy can shrink up to a quarter of gasoline engine alternatives. EVs also have lower maintenance, thanks to a lessened number of moving parts and no oil or fluids to change.


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