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Riding in Comfort with the Nissan Versa Note

Riding in Comfort with the Nissan Versa Note

Sedans are coming back to the market with the popularity of SUVs starting to die down quite a bit. The Nissan Versa Note is leading the pack this manufacture year with some great interior comfort features, technology and plenty of space.

For a sedan, this is a vehicle that provides you with tons of interior space. You have a great amount of trunk space, plenty of leg room and head space for passengers and even the glove box is bigger than all of its competitors. You can lower down the back row of seats to achieve extra cargo space if you have a lot of items to take on the road with you.

The standard infotainment screen is 7.0-inches. This is an upgrade from previous year's 5.8-inch. You can control all of your audio, navigation and more, using the touchscreen capabilities.



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