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Royal Oak Nissan Battery Replacement

Royal Oak Nissan Battery Replacement

Nothing is worse than getting up in the morning to head off to work, and you discover your car won't start. Maybe you notice it has plenty of fuel, so that's not the problem. Finally, you discover the battery is the cause of your car's problems. Much to your disappointment, you now have to deal with car battery issues which is not convenient at any time but especially when you're on your way to work. Just how often do car batteries go bad? And how do you know when your battery is getting ready to quit? Let's dive into this topic and find out the details.


What Are Some Common Car Battery Issues?

Your car battery has a big job to do so it's not surprising that they can go bad. It is constantly generating power to get you where you need to go every day, which means it is prone to having problems. Some problems are more common than others.


Sometimes the battery may act up when it's not actually going bad. It could be a minor problem that needs correcting. However, you may need to replace your battery. A service technician can assess the situation and let you know. In the meantime, there are a few common battery issues that are relevant for you to know about. Some reasons your battery may fail are:


It's Corroded -- if your battery gets too much corrosion around the ports, it weakens the connection.

Bad connection -- if the screw or bolts that connect the ports to the battery get loose, then it can hinder the connection.

Sitting too long -- you may think running your car can run it out, but not running it out will cause a problem too. If your car sits for too long, the battery may not operate correctly.

Faulty alternator -- you alternator gives power to the battery. So, when the alternator starts to go bad, it will drain the battery.


Is It Time for a New Battery?


You may be wondering how you can know in advance if your battery is on its way out. This is helpful to know so that you can get ahead of the issue by replacing it. Some warning signs you may notice along the way include:

  • There is a backfiring sound
  • You have to press on the gas to get the car to start
  • The car takes time to start
  • The car doesn't start after sitting overnight
  • The headlights seem dim
  • You hear a clicking sound


Battery Replacement Calgary


If you've noticed any of these signs with your battery, then you need to have your vehicle checked out sooner rather than later. At Royal Oak Nissan, a professional auto technician will check out your vehicle to determine whether the battery is actually going bad. If so, the technician will provide you with a price quote and then replace your battery. Get in touch with one of our friendly associates today to schedule an appointment today.



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