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Royal Oak Nissan Car Care During the Pandemic

Royal Oak Nissan Car Care During the Pandemic

With the coronavirus spreading across the globe in what has been a devastating pandemic, most people haven't been traveling around town as much as normal. In fact, most people have been locked down with minimal activity. This means that cars have also been driven less frequently. People have had their cars parked in the garage for weeks now with minimal usage, Vehicles need to be driven to maintain optimal condition. Let's take a look at some car care tips you can follow to ensure your vehicle stays in safe, good condition during the pandemic.

Car Care During The Pandemic


Car Care During The Pandemic
Since cars are meant to be up and running on a regular basis, if you can operate your car every periodically, that would be helpful -- even once a week would work. Now, if this isn't possible, you still have some other options. You can run your vehicle through a few tests regularly to make sure that it will be safe once you do take it out and drive it.
Check the fluids -- since the vehicle is sitting for so long and the temperatures can fluctuate in Canada, you want to ensure the fluids are all where they need to be. That means you'll need to check the engine oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. You'll be looking to be sure there is enough fluid in all three of these. Also, check to be sure your engine oil doesn't separate. To ensure the safest driving experience, it's best to get an oil change before you do much driving if you notice the separation occurring.
Check out the tires -- after sitting awhile, your tires can begin to lose air. But if parked for a long period, they may get a flat spot where the air is depleted. This can be dangerous to drive. If you roll the car forward a little, you may be able to avoid that from happening.
Watch the battery -- your battery is crucial for any trip in the car. If it goes dead, then you won't be able to go anywhere. It's important to start the car up and get it running. Take it for a short drive every week if possible. This helps prevent rust from accumulating too.
Wash your car -- you may not think it's very important to keep up with washing your car but this will help maintain the exterior. Even if no one sees it now, it will make it look fantastic when you're ready to get it back on the road again.

Next steps

With the coronavirus beginning to peak and hopefully taper off soon, you will be soon out driving your vehicle more regularly. Before you do, make sure you have the vehicle ready for the road by following the above car care tips.
For all your maintenance needs, you can stop by Royal Oak Nissan. Our experienced automotive technicians will take care of your car needs by giving it a thorough check-up. We'll make sure it's safe for the road. Get in touch with us today!



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