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Sand Is A Different Option On The Winter Roadways

Sand Is A Different Option On The Winter Roadways

The roadways in Calgary are tricky during the winter. Dangerous situations could occur at any moment. A roadside emergency kit needs to be equipped with all of the necessary items to help the passengers get through a difficult situation. Products such as jumper cables, flashlights, warm clothes, blankets and snacks are obviously necessary. There also must be a method to help the car get unstuck should it encounter icy roadways.

Salt has been the traditional agent to use during these circumstances. It melts the ice around it and has a gritty texture that gives traction to the vehicle. However, salt has corrosive qualities that make it a hazard while stored in the automobile. It also becomes expensive and difficult to come by during the winter.

Sand is not the storage hazard that salt is. It comes at a reasonable price all year and is equally effective on the roadways.

Come in and speak with our experts at Royal Oak Nissan. They can assist with putting together a solid roadside emergency kit.  


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