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The Nissan LEAF finds greater purpose in disaster relief

The Nissan LEAF finds greater purpose in disaster relief

Efficiency may be its intended purpose but the Nissan
is more than just that. And with Nissan's
latest innovative suggestion, the LEAF's electric versatility has never more obvious.

The Nissan LEAF could be a key player in disaster relief.  Starting with more subtle guidance like
supplying electricity to homes to the more advanced and creative like allowing shelters
to cook for the community.  And when the lights
turn back on in one community, the Nissan LEAF acts as a mobile battery; it
creates an illuminated path from one dark community to the next.

Evs could be our solution to faster recovery, and
it all begins with you. Consider the possibilities of making the 2015 Nissan
yours at Royal Oak Nissan.  Visit us in our Calgary
location where our knowledgeable staff are committed to answer any and all of
your questions and of course--getting you behind the wheel for a test

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