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The Nissan LEAF Simplifies the Driving Experience

The Nissan LEAF Simplifies the Driving Experience

When many people think of electric cars, they may conjure up pictures of large, unwieldy, and even awkward vehicles. Thankfully, the Nissan LEAF is nothing like that. As a matter of fact, this popular electronic vehicle is compact yet roomy and also offers the kind of on-road handling that is more often associated with sports cars. Plus, the Nissan LEAF offers several options that make life much easier for drivers.

Like most electric vehicles, the Nissan LEAF is completely emission free. As such, this vehicle includes a large and high-capacity onboard battery pack in its design. Nissan engineers mount this large and heavy battery lower on the vehicle than average electric cars. This design feature gives the Nissan LEAF a lower center of gravity that promotes extra stability as well as high-performance handling. The Nissan LEAF also includes many design features that ease driver effort. One such feature is the proprietary E – Pedal system. Most vehicles include at least two and often three drivers side foot control pedals.

The Nissan LEAF turns this convention on its head by providing vehicle operators with just one pedal. To speed up, drivers simply press down on the pedal. To slow down they simply reduce pressure on the pedal. This feature makes driving that much easier and it can also contribute to increased safety.

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