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Tire Rotation FAQs

Tire Rotation FAQs

Owning a car comes with many tasks and responsibilities you must tend to -- if you want it to last a long time. Tire rotation is one of those important tasks you need to keep up with to ensure your vehicle stays in optimal shape. Most people already know this, but do you know why you need to do it regularly? Furthermore, do you know how often you should be doing it, and what will happen if you neglect this chore? These are some of the questions that are helpful to understand so that you can keep your vehicle in the best shape possible. Let us take a look at all your tire rotation FAQs.




Tire Rotation FAQs


What Is Tire Rotation?


A tire rotation involves rotating your tires to a different position. It consists of moving the front tires to the back position and the ones on the back get moved to the front. A service technician will handle this for you, taking a short amount of time to complete the task.


Why Is It Important?


You may not realize this, but your tires don't wear evenly when you drive. Whether you have a front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or rear-wheel drive will determine how your tires are rotated.


How Often Should You Do It?


You should have your tires rotated approximately every 5,000 to 7,500 miles (ca. 12,070 km). Of course, it's a good idea to consult your owner's guide to ensure there are not different specifications for your particular vehicle.


When To Rotate Your Tires?


Some people don't keep track of the miles between rotations. Instead, they simply rotate their tires every six months. This will work too provided you don't drive an excessive amount of miles. If you do, then it's best to keep track of the miles so that you can be sure to rotate them in a timely manner.


What Can Happen If You Don't Rotate Your Tires?


If you don't rotate your tires regularly, then uneven wear occurs. If your tires begin to wear out in the front, you will need to replace them sooner. If you rotate them, then they are put on the back where they will have less wear and tear. As a result, you won't have to buy new ones as soon, which will save you money.


Schedule Your Tire Rotation


It's a perfect time to take a look at whether your tires are in need of a rotation. If you haven't had it done in 6 months, then you are definitely ready to get one. It's best to have a certified service technician rotate your tires for you. They will have all the appropriate equipment to make the process smooth.


At Royal Oak Nissan, a friendly scheduler is ready to make your appointment. You can use the online scheduling form or call the office and speak to a representative. We will be able to get your vehicle serviced quickly and professionally. Contact a representative today for more information.

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