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Using Your Infotainment System

Using Your Infotainment System

Every vehicle maker has developed a different infotainment system for their line of vehicles that allows drivers to access their most used functions for information and entertainment. These infotainment systems have come leaps and bounds in recent years and now are almost all compatible with smartphones. If you are buying a used or certified pre-owned vehicle, however, you will need to check and make sure that this technology is compatible with earlier models.

When you look at the central dashboard for music options, GPS navigation, audiobooks, weather updates or phone contacts, you are using the infotainment system for your vehicle. Some cars have touchscreen displays, and many newer models also allow drivers to use voice recognition technology so that they do not have to take their hands off the wheel to use their phone or other infotainment system functions.

Royal Oak Nissan in Calgary, AB can show you a variety of infotainment system options.

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