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Why buy used cars from a dealership?

Why buy used cars from a dealership?

Car shopping is hard because drivers are often constrained by parameters such as number of seats, availability, and most of all, budget. Buying a new-to-you car is exciting, but the process can also be overwhelming.


Buyers can take control of the buying process by choosing to purchase a used car instead of a new one. Focusing on used vehicles opens up many more choices to buyers trying to stay within a budget. Royal Oak Nissan is a car dealer in Calgary that offers used vehicles from many manufacturers.


Why Buyers Should Shop at a Dealership



Royal Oak Nissan is a Nissan dealer in Calgary that sells both new and used vehicles. Shopping at a dealership offers many benefits over buying from a private party, including more variety, more secure transactions, and more options such as warranties and financing.


Buying a Used Nissan in Calgary


Brand-new Nissan vehicles are exceptional, but their prices might be more than some drivers can or want to pay. By buying a used Nissan from a car dealer such as Royal Oak Nissan in Calgary, buyers can expand their options.


This could be as simple as getting a higher trim level with more safety and technology features that were out of reach at a brand-new purchase price. This could also mean upgrading from a low-priced small sedan to an SUV with more space and capability. Buyers can save thousands of dollars by buying a vehicle with a few years and few thousand kilometres on it.


By buying a used car from a dealership, buyers also gain the ability to check out a variety of manufacturers and models at one location, consolidating car buying into one easy trip. In addition to offering variety, used car dealers in Calgary also offer many other benefits, such as service agreements, extended warranties, and vehicle financing.




Some manufacturers allow warranties to transfer to a new owner, but some do not. Nissan warranties do have the ability to transfer. But for additional peace of mind, buyers can purchase an extended warranty for their vehicle when buying from a used car dealer in Calgary.


Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles



In addition, Nissan offers a certified pre-owned vehicle program. Through this program, Nissan carefully inspects and brings vehicles up to like-new quality. A certified pre-owned Nissan also comes with additional warranties and roadside assistance to protect drivers should a problem arise.


Financing at a Dealership


Buying from a used car dealer in Calgary, such as Royal Oak Nissan, also offers the benefit of vehicle financing. Dealerships have relationships with financial institutions, allowing them to get the best rates and terms on automobile loans. Instead of buyers having to compare auto loan rates and terms across different banks and credit unions, the dealership does it for them.


Drivers have many different options for used vehicle purchases, but car dealers are the best choice because of their variety of models, financing options, and more. Royal Oak Nissan has a great selection of used vehicles from Nissan and other manufacturers to meet the needs of all drivers.

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