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Why Should You Consider a Used Vehicle in Calgary?

Why Should You Consider a Used Vehicle in Calgary?

When you start shopping for a vehicle, remember that a brand new one isn't your only option. Especially if you're shopping on a budget, a used vehicle could be exactly what you're looking for in Calgary. Believe it or not, used vehicles can actually be an incredibly smart automotive purchase.

Why should you consider buying a used vehicle? Two reasons: value retention and affordability.

Value retention: New vehicles have plenty of advantages, but value retention isn't one of them because they can lose up to 19% of their value in just the first year alone. Used vehicles, however, have already taken their value hit, so they're primed and ready to lose value at a much slower rate. Of course, how well you maintain your vehicle can affect its value, but value retention is helpful should you decided to resell or trade-in in the future.

Affordability: We all know used vehicles are more affordable to buy, but that's not the only thing that'll keep you on budget. Used vehicles tend to get lower registration fees and insurance rates.

Are you ready to get behind the wheel of a high quality used vehicle? Browse the used vehicle inventory available at Royal Oak Nissan, and come in for a test drive!

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