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Why Tire Pressure Matters

Why Tire Pressure Matters

Many people consider a tire that’s low air to be very damaging. It is, but it’s only one aspect of tire pressure that’s important. A tire that’s overinflated can do just as much damage as one with too little air.

The purpose of your vehicle’s tires is to provide appropriate traction with the road’s surface to get you safely to your destination. If you’re driving on a tire that doesn’t have enough air in it, then you run the risk of wearing out its sidewalls. A low tire creates excessive heat. When your tire is overinflated, it creates more intense wear on the center of the tire. That portion of your tire wears out faster than the rest. An over-inflated tire also reduces the tread’s structure, which creates a hazardous handling situation.

We’re here to help at Royal Oak Nissan in Calgary. When you have questions about the proper tire inflation for your vehicle, stop by and speak with a member of our service team.

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