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Frequently Asked Questions about the Nissan Finance Calculator


Question: What is the Nissan Finance Calculator?

Answer:  The Nissan finance calculator is a tool that customers can use to see how much vehicle they can afford based upon different factors including price, down payment, the estimated financing rate or APR, and the term of the loan. Customers can take the time to check prices of vehicles and see how much their monthly payments might be depending upon changing factors all from the comfort of their own home.  

Question:  What Does APR Mean?

Answer: APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate and is a percentage that represents the yearly cost of a loan. When you purchase a vehicle the cost of the car is financed with a lending agent who agrees to take portions of payment over the course of the loan. If a vehicle loan term states a 12 percent APR, the lender is charging 1 percent on the entire cost of the loan every month. However, unlike this example, Nissan finance rates typically tend to be lower.  

Question:  What is a Down Payment?

Answer: A down payment is a payment made toward the total price of a good or service. In this case, the good is a vehicle. When looking for purchase a vehicle using Nissan finance, the purchaser is typically expected to provide a down payment, unless there are special $0 down payment special offers. For some drivers who already own a vehicle and are looking to upgrade, they can use their vehicle as a trade-in toward their down payment.  

Question: What is a Trade-in?

Answer: A trade-in is when a customer decides to sell their current vehicle to the auto dealer to help lower the cost of their new purchase. The benefit of a trade-in is that dealers will pay an appropriate valuation of their vehicle and apply it to the cost of their new vehicle. The best part of trade-ins is not having to do the work of selling the vehicle on your own.  

Question: How Do You Find Nissan Finance Rates?

Answer: Depending upon the time of the year and the vehicle that you are looking to purchase finding the appropriate Nissan finance rate for your vehicle involve various methods. Some vehicles, especially during special promotions, will have a lower finance rate available at the time. Another factor in determining the finance rate of your vehicle is credit worthiness, all of which can be checked from home.  

Question: Are there Special Rates for Internet Shoppers?

Answer: Sometimes the internet sales department will offer special rates for shoppers who have shopped on the internet first. Although those specials aren't always available. However, it is always a good idea to review the website to see what vehicles might be available, look for pre-approval options, and special sales events to help make your shopping experience easier. Often, they even have live chat features to speak to someone as you browse online.