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Nissan Connect - The Advanced In-Car Technology!

Nissan has taken the driving experience a step further with the introduction of NissanConnect, a high-tech feature combining security and entertainment. The software allows you to control your car with just the help of a single application on your mobile device. It enables easy access to the vehicle’s functions and onboard computer from your smartwatch or smartphone. Keep reading to find out more about this extremely convenient software.


NissanConnect is an easy-to-use, convenient software, allowing you to connect with your vehicle and access its functions with the NissanConnect Services app. Thankfully, the NissanConnect Services app is available on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play, meaning you can easily use the feature regardless of your device’s operating system.


NissanConnect makes it convenient for users to ensure smooth vehicle navigation and security. It enables users to communicate and stream music smoothly. The security feature, maintenance alert feature, navigation feature, and communication feature are all a part of NissanConnect.

Security Feature

The security feature allows you to start your vehicle and lock your car remotely, and you can also receive roadside assistance without needing your keys. The software has some highly advanced features, such as the automatic collision notification, which alerts users in the case of a sudden flat tire or any other malfunction in the vehicle. Moreover, NissanConnect also has an SOS button that can be used in an emergency.

Maintenance Feature

The maintenance alert keeps the user notified if any service is required in any of the vehicle’s systems. Furthermore, in the case of a stolen car, the "My Car" feature comes handy to locate the vehicle.

Navigation Feature

The navigation feature shows users real-time road situations to help reach your desired destination. This feature also shows users if any blockade is ahead and redirects you accordingly to the next best route.

Communication Feature

The communication feature allows users to answer a call without even taking your hands off the steering wheel. Plus, this function is not limited to phone calls - it can also be used to listen and reply to messages through the voice recognition system. It is highly efficient and comes in handy with your device’s existing bluetooth features. It offers a wide range of options to choose from and maintains a smooth musical ride throughout the journey.

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The NissanConnect is an impressive feature. The cutting-edge software presents the vehicle’s functions right at your fingertips, allowing you to connect with your car at any time. Both the software and the app are easy to understand, but if you require more information or any sort of assistance regarding the NissanConnect schedule an appointment with our expert service team or visit Royal Oak in Calgary