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Nissan Grad Program

Financing a new vehicle can be tough for buyers with no credit, employment history, or enough cash for a large down payment. Nissan is seeking to give new graduates an equal chance with other buyers through the Nissan Grad Program. Visit Royal Oak Nissan today with questions or to find out if you qualify.

Group of graduate students holding their diploma after graduation

The Program

The Nissan Grad Program provides special offers in addition to any other Nissan programs currently running. Grad students have the opportunity to save $500-$1,000 off (on select models)

To qualify for the Nissan Grad Program, graduates must provide a diploma or degree from an accredited program at a post-secondary institution. The degree must from at least a two-year program. The buyer must have graduated within the last 48 months or have a future graduation date that is no further in the future than 90 days. They must also have a job with verifiable income. For those that have just graduated and have not started their jobs yet, they must have an offer of employment with a beginning date of no further than 90 days.

The program allows graduates to buy any of the current Nissan models, then they can choose to either lease or get a loan for their vehicles. There are some benefits of each option along with certain obligations. You will have to pay insurance, maintenance, licensing, and registration for your vehicle whether you lease or finance the vehicle.

The Nissan Grad Program is available throughout Canada, at any participating Nissan dealership. If the dealership does not participate in the program, you can alway check with another Canadian Nissan dealer. Royal Oak Nissan is a participating dealer in Calgary, AB and encourages all graduates to check out the Nissan Grad Program.

This program can be used in conjunction with other incentives or special offers to help you save even more money. The program only works with Nissan financing, so you must apply for approval through the finance office of your local Nissan dealership or online.

Contact your Calgary Nissan Dealer- Royal Oak Nissan with questions about trading in your vehicle or how much of a down payment you will need. Royal Oak Nissan can answer specific questions and help you find the best vehicle for your needs.

Each dealer may have its own requirements in addition to the basic requirements for the Nissan Grad Program. For instance, there may be a limit on the percentage of total obligations of the graduate. While no credit history is required, those that have an established history must not have derogatory credit. Being a graduate does not guarantee acceptance. Any application may be declined if it does not meet the requirements.

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Having a reliable vehicle to get you to your new job is an important consideration; but with most post-secondary graduates earning an entry-level income, they cannot afford high loan payments. With the Nissan Grad Program, you can enjoy a reliable new car with payments that fit in your budget. It also helps to establish a credit history for future loans. Get started right on your new life as a college graduate with the Nissan Grad Program, available now at Royal Oak Nissan.

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