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Nissan Canada's Preferred Customers Program

Everyone likes to be rewarded for their loyalty and for being a good customer. Royal Oak Nissan recognizes the importance of showing appreciation to those who keep coming back for their next vehicle. To show that appreciation, Royal Oak Nissan has implemented Nissan Canada's Preferred Customers Program.


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The Basics of the Preferred Customer Program

The Preferred Customer Program allows customers that have previously purchased a vehicle through Nissan to buy a new one at a reduced interest rate. It is still valid even if you opt for leasing or financing. Customers will not have to pay a security deposit through this program. How much of a discount can you get? The minimum rate reduction is ¼% and it cannot exceed the amount that brings it down to 0.0%.


Who Qualifies?

Anyone that is currently leasing or financing a vehicle through Nissan may qualify for the Preferred Customer Program. It is also applicable to immediate family members that live in the same household. This is a great way to help a family member buy their new car at a reduced rate even if you are not ready to trade yours in. A teenage daughter or son could get a fabulous deal on their very first car as long as you are a customer of Nissan Canada Financial Services Inc.




Restrictions and Requirements

The Preferred Customer Program does not come with a long list of requirements or restrictions, which is one reason it is so beneficial to customers. You are required to be a current customer of Nissan Canada Financial Services Inc. and either financing or leasing the vehicle you own now. You can also be a family member of a current customer. Note: you must be an immediate family member, which generally means a spouse or child. The family member must live at the same address.


If you have any questions about these requirements, you can contact Royal Oak Nissan.


You must also have a valid driver's license to utilize the program. To find out which vehicles will qualify for the rate reduction, you can visit Royal Oaks Nissan. The finance representative will be able to let you know which vehicles correspond to the different rate reductions. Some vehicles may have a greater reduction than others. This allows you to pay a lower rate for your preferred vehicle.


The Benefits of the Preferred Customer Program

The most obvious benefit of using this Nissan program to buy your next vehicle at Royal Oak Nissan is the fact that you will be paying a lower interest rate than what you would normally have. This could reduce your monthly payments or allow you to shop around for a higher-priced vehicle that you normally couldn't afford. It also allows your family member to benefit from a fantastic deal.


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Nissan's Preferred Customer Program offered through Royal Oak Nissan is a wonderful way to afford a new vehicle at a lower price, whenever you need one. It also shows you how much your loyalty matters to Nissan.


If you have any questions about Preferred Customers Program, you can contact Royal Oak Nissan.


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