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The Impressive Titan Warrior

The Nissan Trucks have long been known for their world-class innovations and ground-breaking strides in the automobile industry. In keeping with that tradition, Nissan has unveiled its newest concept truck: the TITAN Warrior. The Warrior is modelled after the Titan XD. Only with this truck, drivers get more power, more hauling capacity, and a more adventurous ride than they have ever experienced before.

Rugged Exterior

The Warrior concept has a truly unique exterior. The genius minds that are responsible for this bold design refer to it as "modern armour." At first glance, it has a robotic-like look to it. The front of the truck features a skid plate that is tucked securely away under the front grille and elegantly curves back to the sides and rear of the truck. Fitting broadly on either side of the grille are the large, menacing headlights that give the entire front of the truck a more muscular and rugged look than your already super-tough Nissan Titan Truck.

The exterior also features a pair of hood vents that help to keep the engine cool, while also letting everyone else know that this truck means business. The elongated review mirrors are a much-needed tool that allows the driver to clearly see behind the truck's massive bed.

As if the exterior was not already impressive enough, this concept truck also features bold accent lines that curve around the skid plates and fog lamps. This brightly-coloured accents not only help to highlight the truck's bold features but also gives it a futuristic, machine-like feel to it as well.

Sporty, Yet Functional, Interior

The Warrior's interior is built just as tough as its exterior. The spacious cab gives you plenty of legroom to enjoy your off-road adventures or long, scenic drives. The durable and luxurious seats are encased in a carbon-coloured, high-strength fabric that is specially designed to provide the ultimate amount of comfort and durability.

The rest of the interior is made with the same level of craftsmanship as the rest of the truck. The steering wheel is made out of a single block of aluminum that not only helps to add to the cab rugged good looks but is also specifically made to allow the wheel to feel more sturdier when being gripped.

Other parts of the interior are made with industrial-strength materials that include polished chrome, carbon fibre, and leather seats. Just like the exterior, the interior also has certain areas that are outlined in a bright Magma Orange colour that helps to accentuate the natural beauty of the truck's cab.

Exceptional Power

The TITAN Warrior concept has the same powerful, Cummins Turbo Diesel, V8 engine and heavy-duty 6-speed transmission as the TITAN XD. However, the Warrior also has a new custom off-road suspension, as well as racing-style shocks and reservoir mounts.

Nissan TITAN in Calgary

If you want a rugged and dependable truck, come down to Royal Oak Nissan. Even though the Warrior may not be ready to drive just yet, we still have an impressive lineup of TITAN trucks that are able to fit everyone's needs and budget.

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