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This Is MY Nissan

Royal Oak Nissan is having a "This is my Nissan Contest" We are giving all Nissan owners a chance to express to us how your Nissan is your Nissan.

This is an opportunity to be creative, show off your Nissan and WIN!

To enter you must visit our Facebook page and "Like" us!

The FIRST 50 videos posted on our Facebook page will be entered to win $2,000. Royal Oak Nissan will then pick the top 5 videos for the public to vote.

Video must not be any longer then 4 minutes. $1,000 will be cold hard cash! $1,000 is redeemable at Royal Oak Nissan Service & Parts Department, making a total of $2,000!

Make your video today! and be the first 50 to post! You could win easy money by having some fun!
Keep posted! We will be posting all videos for everyone to see.

If you have any question regarding this contest please call the dealership

Contact Information
Amy Bui (403) 241-1040 ext. 2235